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Michele Bennett

VP, Advanced Analytics - Avanade

Dr. Michele Bennett is an Executive in Advanced Analytics at Avanade for North America.  Michele has over 25 years of experience in data and advanced analytics including machine learning and predictive analyses, software architecture and technology development, global team management, and start-up business development.

Michele specializes in transforming organizations through the use of data and customer experiences guided by strong IT governance. She has a passion for data and analyses to shape resilience, provide immediate impact, protect and secure assets, and strike a path to future growth.  A scientist, technologist, and business executive, she is able to leverage the right context that leads to impact and actionable insight.

Prior to joining Avanade, she was the Senior Director of Research Data Science and Evaluation at Thomson Reuters, and was responsible for primary and secondary research analytics for global Life Science research institutions such as the NIH and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Prior to joining Thomson Reuters, she co-founded a text mining and data analysis consulting and technology company, Wool Labs, and co-holds a patent with the USPTO for several components of the software.  At Wool Labs, she focused on deriving insights from patient experiences expressed in conversations found in social media, and then merging that text data with traditional pharmaceutical and clinical data to find patterns that can be used for marketing, sales, medical and patient education, and patient stratification for clinical decision and product targeting.

Michele holds a PhD in Information Technology from Capella University with an emphasis in Data Science and Research Method, a MS in Computer Engineering from Villanova University, a BS in Microbiology and Genetics from Pennsylvania State University, and an AA in Law from California State University at Irvine.

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