Miles Edmundson

Former Business Information Security Officer - Equiniti

Miles has over 15 years’ experience in the information security arena. He has worked for two different information security consulting firms, and through these experiences, he got his hands dirty performing both external and internal vulnerability analysis, executed social engineering engagements, and finally migrated to policy and procedures projects.

After consulting, Miles moved to Carlson Companies, one of the largest privately held companies in Minnesota, where he was their first global information security manager.  He worked closely with international business units focusing on drafting and implementation of global policies, PCI, and security awareness training.

Miles spent five years as the information security officer at Wells Fargo: Rural Community Insurance Services. In this role, he worked with various product silos and business units to ensure compliance with Wells Fargo policies as well as to assess risk across the RCIS environment.

Finally, he has spent the last four years as the Chief Information Security Officer for Ceridian HCM. In this role he focuses on risk mitigation, utilizing a variety of processes and technologies, compliance, policy/standards reviews, and collaboration across the global Ceridian lines of business.

Miles is a rusty, classical/fingerstyle guitar player and even more rusty sleight of hand magician.  He has the world’s most wonderful four grandchildren. Just ask him.  His four grandchildren have the world’s greatest Papa. After all, there aren’t many grandchildren whose Papa was one of the first Power Rangers.

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