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Mitch Davis

VP & CIO - Dartmouth College

As of July 1, 2017, Mitch Davis started leading Information, Technology and Consulting, which has a staff of about 160. His responsibilities include providing vision, leadership, and long-range direction for development and implementation of information and technology initiatives that align with Dartmouth’s mission. He is working with campus leaders to enhance academic, research, and administrative operations.

During his fourteen years at Bowdoin as a Senior Vice President and CIO, it was transformed into one of the most technically advanced liberal arts college in the nation. Additionally, he led the Marketing, Social Media and Web department that provided media services across the College. Before coming to Bowdoin, he was one of the Executive Directors of ITSS at Stanford University, an Associate Dean and CIO for Stanford Law School, and the Assistant Dean for Information Technology at University of Oregon School of Law. Prior to joining higher education, he was a consultant to law firms, hospitals, advertising, publishing and education. He specializes in strategic leadership, change management and quickly building highly effective, motivated and talented teams that work together to drive exceptional client services and create organizational value. 

He started working in higher education with the goal of creating a generation of faculty and students who could effectively use the latest information technology in their research, teaching, learning and life. He has promoted organizational change and emerging technology in education for over 22 years, by acting as a consultant to universities, researchers, and faculty, speaking at seminars, sitting on education technology committees, business and government advisory boards, and by working with venture capitalist and businesses to create the software and hardware to deliver next generation solutions.

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