Natalie Whittlesey

Director, Investigo Executive and Head, CIO Practice - Investigo

Previously, Natalie joined Korn Ferry in 2020 and gained significant experience hiring transformative leaders into a range of clients, large and small.  These ranged from; several leadership posts for a Fortune 500 transport and logistics company, multiple regional CIO posts for two global FTSE listed engineering businesses, CTO of an acquisitive educational company, and many more.

Along with delivery, Natalie set up a small Research team to provide clients with the best possible service, and also oversaw ‘search excellence’ across the UK.

Natalie has helped clients to improve their diversity and inclusion strategies by hosting knowledge sharing events for business influencers and roundtables for female technology leaders.   

Natalie is a functional technology leadership specialist and has focused on hiring great technology talent since 2004 when she worked for a major recruitment brand in New Zealand. 

She returned to the UK to join a technology recruitment and professional services firm in 2006, rising to become a Director and ‘Head of CIO Practice’ before joining Korn Ferry in January 2020.

She is sector agnostic and has recruited across the UK and also parts of Europe.

Natalie has presented at many technology-centric events across the UK and Europe (and contributed to various articles) sharing insights about broader technology and talent trends, and also strategies to increase diversity within technology teams.

Natalie holds a BA Joint Hons Degree in Business Management and Media from Manchester University.  She is also qualified in the use of the Hogan assessment tool.

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