Ninish Ukkan

Ninish Ukkan

CTO - Green Dot Corporation

Ninish Ukkan is the CTO at Green Dot Corp, a Fin Tech company. In this role, he runs the Global Engineering and Data teams. He’s also responsible for the company’s migration to the AWS Cloud and building an Enterprise Data Warehouse. He works closely with the company’s Product & Revenue teams teams to build and enhance the company's flagship BaaS (Banking As a Service) product. Green Dot’s technology ecosystem enables cross platform cloud & mobile based banking, mobile payments and eCommerce.  


Ninish over his 20 year career has managed Product & Engineering teams at well known brands like eHarmony and Experian. He started his career in Financial Services at GMAC and has grown through the ranks to be a Product & Technology Executive. 


Ninish earned his Masters degree in Computer Science from Villanova University.

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