Paul Barringer

Director of Strategic Alliances - SecurityScorecard

I was born in 1952, and raised in Manhattan and Lloyd Harbor, New York.  Early days included a lot of sailing in Long Island Sound, and skiing in Vermont and Utah – and that continues today. With my father working in downtown New York, and frequent family social activities in the city, Manhattan was a core part of my world – separated only by a 40-minute train ride once we moved out to Long Island in the late 1950s.

My father insured most of the ski areas in the US, and I was fortunate to accompany him on numerous business trips to ski area operators all over the country.  This was my first taste of traveling and business development. I have always, and continue, to love meeting new people and understanding what makes them tick.

After years of selling in the high-end office construction markets in Miami and New York, I took a job as MD, US, for a Dutch software company that wanted to open the US market and get acquired – which took place a year later when HP purchased Prolin to support its ITSM expansion – first for HP Services, and then on the product side with an enterprise ITSM suite.  Increasingly senior business development roles followed, culminating in 2000 -- closing 50 deals for HP for a total of $100 million in bookings that year.

After selling ultra-low-latency market data technology between 2009 and 2011, I founded Burstream -- a ULL data service provider in 2011, that operated in the major options and equities exchange datacenters in New York and Chicago.  Our customers were HFT proprietary trading desks in the investment banks, along with free-standing HFT prop shops.  I was the first sales person at SecurityScorecard in 2014 and have not looked back.  

As Director of Strategic Alliances for SecurityScorecard, I work with selected service providers,: CAT modeling firms, security tech companies, cyber insurance companies, information companies, and advisory firms – to create joint products that we bring to market together. In most cases, we combine or enrich each other’s data to produce better analytics and new service offerings for our extended customer and platform ecosystems.

My wife and I live in Norwalk, CT.  We spend as much time as possible in Italy every year, and I continue to participate in competitive keelboat teamracing regattas in the US and Europe.

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