Raoul Encinas

Founder - PhosLabs

Raoul Encinas is a former IT executive with Charles Schwab, and he's still a geek at heart. At PhosLabs (FOSSS-labs), he's the leader of a team that helps other leaders and teams with business agility and change agility. One fun fact is that a few years ago, Raoul went skydiving with Larry Fitzgerald in Hawaii.

Raoul serves clients who crave fresh thinking, new ways of leading, and more meaningful impact. As a coach, Raoul helps executives distinguish themselves through their leadership, learning agility, and legacy. He has helped dozens of global organizations including Avnet, Boeing, Comerica Bank, Charles Schwab, Whirlpool, ON Semiconductor, and the US Government achieve transformative changes for groups, teams, and individuals. More than 1,000 professionals have benefitted from his coaching and learning sessions. Raoul has a BS-Business Management-IT from Western Governors University and is a Hudson Institute certified executive coach. 

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