Richard Appleyard, PhD

CIO and President, Portland SIM - Oregon State Police

Richard is the CIO at the Oregon State Police and has 23 years in the Public and Academic Health Sectors. He is also the current President of the Portland Chapter of SIM (Soc. Info. Management). He is a proponent of Holistic Technology Management, seeing beyond the immediate impact and looking to solve for the potential "butterfly effect." He is passionate about helping align the business strategic goals with the rapidly changing and emerging technology and applications landscape e.g., Cloud computing IoT, AI/Deep Learning, and Big Data. He is also an avid technology ethicist, looking for the unseen opportunities and unintended consequences of today's technology advances, and being more thoughtful with how IT is implemented effectively, efficiently and ethically..

His expertise includes IT Operations, Business Applications & Data Management, Web Technology & Site/Content Management, Health & Consumer Informatics (Information Technology Science), and Web User Experience (including Web Accessibility and Section 508 compliance). Richard has a Bachelors in Chemistry from the University of Oxford, a PhD in Biochemistry/ Biophysics from WSU and Post-doctorate in Medical Informatics at OHSU, with a focus on Consumer Health Information, including patient information retrieval, decision making and patient health website development. 


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