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Ryan Crosby

CIO - ICON-International

Ryan Crosby joined ICON as Chief Information Officer in 2017 with 20 years of industry experience. He implements the best strategies to help ICON, their clients and partners function more efficiently and drive profitability.

Ryan started his career in IT as a senior project manager at Morgan Stanley in 1998 and steadily climbed the ranks within. While there he helped lead the IT strategy through Y2K and the financial crisis of 07-08. While other global banks were losing clients and revenue rapidly, Morgan Stanley was taking on new clients and creating new revenue streams as a result of the strategies Ryan implemented.

Ryan most recently worked at GBIC Partners as a managing director. Consulting for multiple firms including JenCap Holdings as their Interim CIO.

Ryan is regularly asked to attend and be a honored keynote speaker at IT executive conferences and strategy sessions. Focusing on new IT trends and solutions for today’s business markets and their overall strategic direction. He is a board member of multiple charities including The Kings Inn Family Shelter and is also actively involved with many other local shelters.

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