Sanjay Beri

CEO & founder - Netskope

Sanjay Beri, CEO and founder of Netskope, is passionate about solving large customer and industry problems by building teams composed of the industry’s best and driving relentless innovation and a culture of intense collaboration.  He is focused on delivering great solutions and enabling customers to get the most out of technology. He has a track record of building and growing market-leading companies, and is a respected and trusted leader whose reputation, track record and vision helped him build a veritable dream team of industry veterans at Netskope.

Prior to Netskope, Sanjay was the General Manager of Juniper Network’s secure access business unit and in addition was the executive mentor of their India operations. Before that, he co-founded Ingrian Networks, which was later acquired by SafeNet. Sanjay also has held a variety of key roles at Microsoft, Newbridge Networks (now Alcatel) and McAfee. He holds numerous patents in the area of networking and Internet security, and has led the design, development and marketing of software, firmware, and hardware in various industries. Sanjay got an MBA from University of California, Berkeley, and has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Waterloo.  Sanjay has the unique habit of never drinking coffee.

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