sastry durvasala

Sastry Durvasula

Global Technology and Digital Officer - McKinsey & Company

Sastry is the CDO and CDAO of Marsh, and leads the company’s digital, data and analytics strategy and transformation, while building new digital-native businesses and growth opportunities. This includes development of innovative digital platforms and products, data science & modelling, client-facing technology, and digital experiences across global business units.

Since joining Marsh in 2017, Sastry has built a dynamic global team with top external and internal talent. He led the launch of Bluestream digital broker platform, changing the way insurance is purchased in small commercial/consumer; LINQ digital client experience platform that transforms how we provide risk management and insurance services; Blue[i] client- and colleague-facing AI & analytics suite; Blockchain applications including proof of insurance and RiskExchange for trade credit; Marsh Digital Labs to incubate new products, services and emerging tech; InsurTech partnerships in AI, IoT and Cyber — while pioneering digital culture transformation in a highly-complex industry.

Before Marsh, Sastry was Enterprise Head of Data & Digital Tech at American Express, where he led the company’s transformation of digital, data, talent and culture at scale, fostering experimentation and agile development.  Sastry and team delivered cutting-edge products, platforms and experiences across the lifecycle of cardmembers and merchants, including digital payments & partnerships; pay-with-points at checkout for leading merchants like Amazon, Uber, Newegg, McDonalds; multi-petabyte big data & machine learning ecosystem; digital commerce and AmexOffers; and global replatforming of Amex’s card acceptance and processing network. Previously, he worked as a technology consultant at Fortune Global 500 companies.

Sastry plays a leading role in industry consortia, CDO/CIO forums, FinTech/InsurTech partnerships, and building academia/research affiliations. He is a strong advocate for diversity & inclusion and is on the Board of Directors for Girls in Tech, the global non-profit that works to put an end to gender inequality. Sastry launched an industry-wide initiative called #ReWRITE focused on Women, Risk, Insurance, Technology & Empowerment. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering, is credited with 20+ patents and has been the recipient of several industry awards for innovation and leadership.

Sastry is a long-time resident of Arizona where he resides with his family and loves hiking the beautiful desert mountains.

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