Scott Anderson

VP, Digital Transformation Advisory - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Scott Anderson is the Vice President of Global Cloud Advisory and Digital Transformation at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In this role, Scott works to develop solutions for HPE customers that enable digital transformation in a Hybrid Cloud environment.  

Scott brings a long career of experience to this role that provides our customers with the benefit of direct knowledge and a background in IT Transformation.  In his most recent position as Vice President of Hybrid IT Transformation Solutions, Scott and his team developed solutions combining hardware, software and services from HPE as well as our partners to provide complete transformation options for HPE customers.  Prior to that, Scott was Vice President in the Global IT Infrastructure and Operations (ITIO) organization at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, supporting both Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. Scott’s organization was responsible for HPE’s own transformation journey from traditional IT to our current, multi-cloud, highly automated hybrid application platform.  

Scott was also responsible for building and operating Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s compute facilities around the world including Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s large enterprise data centers in the US.  This role included the HPE Data Center consolidation program associated with the transformation work.  This consolidation effort successfully delivered on the promise of closing hundreds of data centers globally and reducing overall IT spend dramatically. 

Scott joined HP in 1985, working in IT and Manufacturing for the Optoelectronics Division, part of the Components Group. Since that time he has held numerous roles around the company in data center services, telecommunications, software development, and business infrastructure management. 

Most recently, Scott and his team played a key role in the separation of Hewlett Packard into Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.  Hosting Services delivered the infrastructure in support of the separation on time and with budget supporting the overall success of the Hewlett Packard separation effort.  

Scott is based in Palo Alto.

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