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Stefanie Causey

Associate Partner, Financial Services Sector - Bluewolf, IBM

At her best at the intersection of business strategy development, operational execution, and technology transformation, she has spent two decades helping business leaders envision the art of the possible with technology strategy and driving cultural change with highly technical resources that struggle to understand the language, let alone user stories and requirements.  She has a knack for bringing focus and drive to chaos and just simply building organizations that get s**t done, and done right.

She has held leadership positions in a variety of industries from financial services to software organizations, and played a variety of roles from being the fixer to most recently  building a multi-national organization that drove a technology and culture transformation that replaced a burning enterprise on premise platform with an integrated suite of best-of-breed cloud enterprise applications in less than seven months.  She joined the cloud journey early by taking a practice lead role at an early system implementer adopter and had never looked back.  Her years of experience driving solution architecture in back office solutions across all sizes of organizations has lead to her being a highly sought after leader and speaker, and she relishes the opportunity to share her story as a way to help others avoid the learning opportunities she faced as an early entrant to the cloud space.

Stefanie has recently started her own consulting firm, collaborating with senior executives deepening her client's understanding of how operations and technology strategies are, and should be, impacted by ever-evolving business strategies.  She is currently dedicated to American Express and is enjoying the opportunity to help their IT Leadership in driving UX, DX and digital transformation across their Salesforce platform investment.

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