Suraj Rao

Global Head, Advanced Analytics Office - Western Digital Corporation

Suraj Rao has over 20 years’ experience leading, formulating, and delivering analytics solutions in diverse industrial settings spanning Semiconductors, Telecom, Industrial Products, and Metal Fabrication.

At present, Suraj Rao leads the Digital Analytics Office (DAO) at Western Digital Corporation to deliver enterprise-wide analytics solutions and insights for capturing business value and creating competitive advantage. His office uses advanced analytic methods and Industry 4.0 technologies to solve tough factory and customer problems. These diverse problems span Predictive maintenance, Image analytics and Fault prediction, Autonomous robot vehicles routing, Adaptive test, Dynamic factory optimization, Fleet management of products in field, etc.Prior to joining WDC, at IBM, he led business value and analytics solution implementation for Semiconductor and Industrial Products practices. 

Earlier at PDF Solutions, a niche Semiconductor consulting firm, he led rapid yield improvement engagements in some of the largest fabs in Asia such as, TSMC, Toshiba, Sony and Renesas.

He is passionate about energizing organizations with value from using analytics through quick-win initiatives in cost reduction, and quality, productivity, and revenue improvement. He champions analytics mindset and strives to influence culture change towards analytics adoption with keen business focus. 

Suraj holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University, an MBA from The Wharton School, and an undergraduate in Sciences from Indian Institute of Technology (KGP).

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