Sylvie Veilleux

Sylvie Veilleux

Board Director - Prezi

Sylvie Veilleux is a strategic global technology leader and CIO who delivers transformative, data-driven solutions to move organizations and technology forward during periods of hyper-growth and maturation. She develops strategies that allow today’s largest and growing technology organizations – including Apple, Salesforce, Mozilla and Dropbox – to scale for growth while maintaining efficiencies. Known for her skill in the art of influence and bridging the chasm of old and new thinking, Sylvie accelerates change with strong leadership skills and the ability to develop a significant enterprise technology transformation roadmap.  Currently, Sylvie also serves as an independent advisor for Vera and Next Trucking.  She is a customer advisor for the CIO Advisory Board of Dell EMC, advises the non-profit NPower as a Regional Advisory Board member, is a member of Accel’s Technology Council and Lightspeed Venture Partners CIO Advisory Network.

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