Tim Burcham

CTO - Lasergen, Inc.

Dr. Timothy Burcham, PhD has been the Chief Technology Officer of LaserGen, Inc. since March 1, 2016. Specifically, Dr. Burcham was an integral part of the team at Lynx Therapeutics that developed and commercialized the massively parallel signature sequencing technology. Then, he led Genetic Analysis research and development at Applied Biosystems (Life Technologies) where he drove the effort to find, develop and commercialize the SOLiD and 5500 next-generation sequencing systems. Dr. Burcham has experience developing several FDA approved systems and diagnostic assays, and most recently has led the bioinformatics and software development efforts for large, production clinical labs at Sequenom and Trovagene. Dr. Burcham has more than 28 years of experience in the life sciences industry. He has extensive experience in the development of instrumentation for protein and DNA analysis including multiple sequencing systems. Dr. Burcham holds a PhD in Biochemistry & Biophysics from the University of California Davis and completed post-doctoral studies at Stanford University.

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