Tony Olzak

SVP of Consulting - Trace3

Tony Olzak is a leading visionary in applying technology to business problems and initiatives. He is a sought-after speaker, co-author of multiple industry certification books, and brings over 19 years of industry experience leading consulting, engineering and development teams. Mr. Olzak joined Trace3 in June of 2016 as Vice President of Security, with a mission to build a world-class, cyber security business unit focused on emerging tech, analytics, and transformative security operations and architecture.

His innovative approach to technology and go-to-market plans have driven dramatic turnarounds at startups, record growth in developing and established business units, and accumulated multiple industry awards. Tony Olzak maintains CISSP and CCIE# 6689 certifications, writes and records music in his spare time and is a classically trained musician.

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