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Ursuline Foley

Board Member & Strategic Advisor -

Ursuline (Urs) Foley has 35 years of global Financial Services and Technology experience, with diverse leadership in public companies. She currently serves on a public bank board, chairs a NFP Board, is a member of 5 advisory boards, NACD and also World Affairs Forum. An accomplished executive, Urs formerly served as Chief Corporate Operations Officer, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Managing Director with XL Group (XL). She has proven leadership in driving company growth, expense containment and innovation strategies through success in multiple M&A integrations, diversifications, major complex business transformations, regulatory compliance, data privacy, cyber security, shared service establishment and by leading technology, data & digital capabilities. Urs led large global high-performance teams for technology and specific operations for many years. Prior to XL Group, Urs held various technology positions at other Reinsurance, Financial brokerage, Shipping and Manufacturing firms. Urs lived and worked in Ireland, Bermuda and U.S. (citizen).

Urs serves on the full boards and the audit committee for The Provident Financial Services & The Provident Bank. Formerly, she served on XL’s U.S. legal entity boards as Global Reinsurance CIO. She is Chairman (& prior President) for Westchester Fairfield Society for Information Management. She serves on three university advisory boards (PACE, University Bridgeport, Rutgers Cyber Security Program), in addition to Accenture’s Insurance Innovation Board and a Blockchain startup.  Urs also chaired global Insurance standard committees (e.g. ACORD, BRMA, RAA) for many years to help drive Insurance eCommerce adoption.

Urs is a sought after conference speaker on technology, digital, cyber/privacy and data, plus has published many articles over the years. Urs holds both a Bachelor of Science and Teaching Diploma from University College Cork, Ireland, Masters of Science from PACE University NYC and a Technology Leadership certificate from Babson University Boston. She also attended NYC College of Insurance and also College of Finance.