• Meet HMG’s Rockstar Tech Execs: Kin Lee-Yow, the CIO of CAA Club Group of companies

    I had an inspiring and illuminating conversation last week with Kin Lee-Yow, the CIO of CAA Club Groups of Companies. Kin is one of our top nominees for the 2023 HMG Global Leadership Institute Mid-Cap CIO of the Year Award and I am delighted that he took the time to share his insights and experience with the HMG Strategy community of 500,000+ business technology leaders.

  • Meet HMG’s Rockstar Tech Execs: Bipin Jayaraj, VP, CIO, Rogers Corp.

    I had an insightful and inspiring conversation last week with Bipin Jayaraj, VP and CIO at Rogers Corporation, a specialty engineered materials company headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. Bipin also serves as a Board Member of Make-A-Wish® Arizona and he is a top pick for the 2023 Global Leadership Institute Mid-Cap CIO of the Year Award. I asked Bipin how he helps Rogers Corp. stay on the cutting edge in a rapidly evolving technology space.

  • Resilient Leadership in Tumultuous Times Lights the Path for Tech Executives Into 2023

    Without question, 2022 has been a tumultuous and turbulent year. But despite the uncertainties, we are truly grateful for the support and engagement of our global community of business technology executives and the valiant leadership they have demonstrated. We’re also grateful to our numerous partners and advisory board members who enabled us to offer and produce an amazing schedule of high-value summits and events featuring world-class speakers, panelists and thought leaders from globally recognized organizations.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a technology executive.

Today’s technology executive plays a pivotal role in helping his or her organization respond to these forces of change. In essence, they serve as conductors to orchestrate the three pillars of organizational success – people, processes, and technology – and to draw upon their unique view of the enterprise to bring these elements into harmony.


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