• Having the Courage to Say 'No'

    The CIO is also expected to deliver value to the enterprise, in part by recommending technologies that can be used to help usher business growth and by brainstorming with the C-suite on approaches for tackling vexing business challenges. But as a trusted advisor to the executive team, the CIO also needs to be candid when ideas are floated that either aren't sound or don't make good business sense.

  • Challenging the Status Quo

    To compete in a business environment where change is constant, business leaders need to be agile and open to new ideas. They also must be willing to let go of traditional business practices and processes, recognizing that new approaches to serving customers and delivering value are needed in a landscape where customer expectations continue to rise.

  • The Road to Success is in the Fast Lane

    In order to keep in stride with the speed of business, CIOs need to enable swift execution of processes and operations across all corners of the enterprise. Meeting these requirements demands speed. Speed to partnerships. Speed to communications. Speed to achieving trusting relationships. And speed to performance.

  • The Top Traits Courageous Leaders Have in Common

    We're at a point in time where the pace of disruptive change is unprecedented. Technological and business innovation is occurring at breakneck speed. Quite simply, organizational leaders that can't keep pace are going to be left behind.

  • Summoning the Courage to Lead

    We're at a point in human history in which the pace and breadth of disruptive change is unrivaled. Technological and business innovation is occurring at a lightning pace. Creative business models are generating bedlam across industries.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a technology executive.

Today’s technology executive plays a pivotal role in helping his or her organization respond to these forces of change. In essence, they serve as conductors to orchestrate the three pillars of organizational success – people, processes, and technology – and to draw upon their unique view of the enterprise to bring these elements into harmony.


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