I’m returning to the Culture of Genius concept in this week’s newsletter because I sincerely believe in its long-term value as a foundational element in strategic leadership and business growth.   

The Culture of Genius unlocks unlimited potential, not only within the organization, but also beyond its boundaries. It is a culture that drives and enables continuous improvement and reinvention. It is a platform for creative disruption and relentless innovation in core, adjacent and new markets. Essentially, it is a culture that radically expands potential and continually opens doors to growth.

It is also a learning culture, in the sense that you’re never relying totally on your own abilities and knowledge. Establishing and sustaining a Culture of Genius requires a steady intake of new information. You are always in the learning mode, always looking for new ideas and new trends that can be turned rapidly into new products and services.

The Culture of Genius is a virtuous circle, fed by learning, analyzing, developing and testing – all at extremely high speed. The goal is getting new products and services to market before your competitors even realize there’s a need for those products!

Continuous innovation requires incredible levels of discipline, strength and agility. From my perspective, those qualities are now table stakes. If you don’t have them, you’re not really in the game. But you need a Culture of Genius that consistently supports, encourages, embeds and rewards those qualities over the long haul. It can’t be a two-week program; it needs to become the deep culture of the organization.

As I wrote last week, organizations that build and nurture Cultures of Genius will thrive and succeed; organizations that fail to reinvent themselves will become uncompetitive in modern markets. 

Over the next 12 months, I’ll be returning to the idea of the genius culture. Our research team here at HMG Strategy will be investigating the roots of genius culture and exploring the many qualities required to nurture it.

I invite you to join our quest to learn more about the Culture of Genius, and to join our explorations as we look for the core traits of genius in the 21st century.