Regardless of what industry your company operates in, digital disruption is all around us. Without question, tech powerhouses such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Netflix are riding the crest of the digital wave to surge ahead of the competition.

As a group, these five companies accounted for more than 30% of the record rise in the S&P 500 since the start of 2016, according to Fortune. Meanwhile, the combined market cap value for these five companies has jumped $536 billion to $2.388 trillion through the first five and a half months of 2017. That represents an astounding 29.7% increase.

But it’s not just nimble tech companies that are benefitting from digital disruption. Long-established companies such as GE, Sealed Air, Ford, McDonald’s, and Under Armour have each made profound changes to their existing business models as they reinvent how they conduct business.

This is why HMG Strategy recently adjusted the theme for its summits in the second half of 2017 and early 2018 to “Lead, Reimagine, Reinvent – Driving a Culture of Genius for Success.” The thematic changes reflect how those companies that are succeeding in today’s fast-paced business environment have recognized and seized upon the need to disrupt their own businesses before they are disrupted by others.

The digital mandate provides CIOs and other technology executives with an extraordinary opportunity to recast the business thanks to their distinct view of how various functional and line-of-business units in the enterprise interoperate. They’re also keenly positioned to identify and coordinate how technology, people, and processes can be orchestrated to achieve digital transformation success.

But in order to drive the changes that are needed to properly execute on digital transformation, CIOs, CISOs, and CXOs must demonstrate courageous leadership, a critical requirement that I’ve been talking about for the past few years. As CMOs and other members of the C-suite have jockeyed for position to lead the digital charge, we’re in a unique moment in time for CIOs to step up and navigate the business into the future.

As technology leaders will attest, digital transformation can’t be accomplished through a series of individual projects. For comprehensive digital and business transformation to occur, it must be approached across all facets of the enterprise.

Because digital transformation must be all-encompassing to succeed, its merits must be clearly communicated to and embraced by employees throughout the enterprise. Visionary technology executives cultivate a culture of genius that draws upon the collective intelligence and expertise of all employees across the enterprise.

We’re extremely excited about the new themes for our events and we’ve received incredible feedback from industry thought leaders about how this resonates with the needs and interests of today’s tech executives and how it is differentiated in the market.

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