nflx subscribersWill Apple Acquire Netflix? 

There's some serious speculation that Apple will move to acquire Netflix, and there are good reasons to believe that the rumor mill might be right. 

Apple is rightly famous for its amazing devices and extreme focus on design, but the company hasn't really proven that it can create original content on its own. Acquiring Netflix would certainly solve the content problem, and it would open new paths for radically growing Apple's revenue.

And the timing seems right, too. Apple has tons of cash in its coffers, and making an investment in Netflix might be a brilliant maneuver.  

"The catalyst could be President Trump's newly passed tax bill, which will allow Apple to bring back about $220 billion of its cash to the US. Apple would need about $73 billion to acquire Netflix, representing only one-third of the cash it could repatriate to the US. In total, Apple has about $252 billion in cash, mostly in foreign jurisdictions," writes Kevin Tran in Business Insider.

amazon-for-businessSmart Speakers Are Changing the Face of Tech

I've been writing about the consumerization of IT for quite a while, and it's nice to see the trend is not only continuing, but gaining momentum.  

The increasing popularity of smart speakers is driving a new wave of IT consumerization, and as I've said before, the wave will soon be felt in IT departments everywhere.

Based on our experiences with mobile phones and tablets, we know that consumer trends can have major effects on the IT department. At the beginning of the new century, it was common to hear CIOs saying their companies would never allow employees to use their own mobile devices. But the days when IT could dictate which devices were Okay to use and which weren't are long gone. Today, we're all consumers of advanced tech, and we want to use technology that we like - at home and at work.

 "The gap between the enterprise and consumer software, however, is narrowing thanks to the consumerization of IT, as the Harvard Business Review reported. Workers and executives alike are demanding more from business software thanks to BYOD and the surging popularity of technologies such as smart speakers, which were a favorite Christmas gift in 2017," writes Brian Buntz of the IoT Institute.

midmarketsecurity_article_005Just in Time for the New Year, a New Vulnerability is Uncovered

It really seems too early in the year to be dealing with zero-day vulnerabilities, but that's the nature of the strange world we're living in.

A developer has identified a zero-day flaw that could impact all of Apple's desktop operating systems.  

"Siguza, a hobbyist developer and hacker from Switzerland, described in great detail a zero-day vulnerability, dubbed IOHIDeous, which is said to affect all versions of macOS going back 15 years," writes Michael Heller in TechTarget.

I think it's fair to say we owe a "thank you" to Siguza for uncovering the flaw. But now it's time for us to get to work and make sure our Apple desktop systems aren't compromised.