Apple-iPhoneBy now, most of you have read Apple's apology for the iPhone speed issues. Apple took the right path by owning up to its actions and explaining in detail why they intentionally slowed down the iPhone's performance.

Apple also offered what essentially amounts to a workaround: reducing the price of batteries. It's true that offering cheaper batteries isn't really a technical solution, but it's a great tactic for keeping iPhone users happy.

That said, the intentional slowdown has raised some big questions about Apple's future plans. The biggest question is whether performance slowdowns will become "business as usual." If fiddling with the iPhone's performance becomes a normal part of Apple's business practices, what should we expect next?

From my perspective, the iPhone slowdown has opened a Pandora's box of potential problems. The history of technology includes plenty of mistakes and missteps. Apple's decision to slow down the iPhone might unleash a stream of unintended consequences.

For the record, I hope that some of Apple's smaller competitors will see this as an opportunity to seize market share. In business and in sports, competition is usually the best medicine for curing problems and promoting innovation.

Perhaps one of the smaller Asian mobile phone makers will start working on a phone that delivers incredible speed and great battery life. Then Apple might have to rethink its strategy.  

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