HMG Strategy’s Executive Leadership Summits have been cited among the Top CIO conferences in 2018 by Enterprise.nxt, the thought leadership content portal for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Enterprise.nxt publishes annual lists of top conferences for CIOs and senior IT executives.   

“These summits offer real opportunities for learning, peer-to-peer networking, and career advancement in relatively intimate settings…they are considered ideal venues for making connections,” the editors at Enterprise.nxt explain.

Our goal at HMG Strategy is to discover and share cutting-edge approaches for CIOs and other technology executives to: 

  • Reinvent and reimagine the modern enterprise
  • Drive a culture of genius for success
  • Lead courageously into the C-suite and board in a customer-centric enterprise
  • Identify opportunities to accelerate their professional brand
  • Discover effective ways to develop innovative business models and prototypes

If your company is looking to connect with the top technology executives in the world, then the HMG Strategy Executive Leadership Summits are the place to be.

The HMG Strategy Executive Leadership Summits are uniquely positioned and offer far greater value than any other CIO conferences in the industry.

Starting with our summit theme - Lead, Reimagine, Reinvent – Driving a Culture of Genius for Success - leading CIOs and technology executives share how their organizations are leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cloud, analytics, and edge computing to support new business models during the morning sessions.

Thanks to their roles and knowledge behind how various functions and lines-of-business interoperate in the enterprise, CIOs and technology executives are at the center of digital transformation initiatives.

But they can’t do it alone. They need the technological savvy and cross-industry experience of capable business partners to help them to effectively source and execute on digital transformation initiatives successfully.

With 70+ events across more than 30 markets and $3 trillion in spending power among the Top 5,000 technology executives in the HMG network, discover why leading technology companies are partnering with HMG Strategy to connect with the top technology executives across major industries. 


 Phoenix, AZ - February 08, 2018
 Snowbird, UT - Ski Weekend
- Feb 9-11, 2018
 Charlotte, NC 
- February 13, 2018
 Global Innovation 
- February 21, 2018
 Dallas, TX 
- March 07, 2018 
 San Francisco, CA - CISO 
- March 16, 2018
 Summit of America 
- March 28, 2018 
 New York, NY - CISO 
- April 05, 2018
 Washington, D.C. 
- April 17, 2018
 San Francisco, CA 
- April 26, 2018
 Whippany, NJ 
- May 02, 2018
 Chicago, IL 
- May 08, 2018
 Minneapolis, MN
- May 17, 2018
 Toronto, ON 
- June 07, 2018
 Detroit, MI 
- June 08, 2018

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