world-economic-forumAt HMG Strategy, we've been closely following the news from the World Economic Forum in Davos. Our mission is to provide you with knowledge acceleration through compelling research and critical insights on the trends that are reshaping technology and business in a way that's unbiased and completely independent. 

The seismic geo-political shifts that have occurred following President Trump's election and his trade protectionist and tax reform policies are having a dramatic impact on the world stage. With U.S. GDP representing more than 15% of global GDP, any potential changes to international trade policies as well as the recent tax reform will have significant consequences for global and domestic companies. 

Many international political and business leaders have expressed concerns about a forthcoming trade war between the U.S. and other international producers such as China. Not surprisingly, global CEOs attending the World Economic Forum cite geo-political risks as their greatest concern in a KPMG survey.

In this fast-changing geo-political landscape, successful companies are focused on speed-to-innovation and speed-to-execution. In today's digital, hyper-competitive marketplaces, the right mix of technology, leadership and market strategies win. Flourishing companies have applied leading-edge platform ecosystems to building and retain customer trust. 

Savvy tech executives that understand these extraordinary opportunities are working with their CEOs to reimagine and reinvent the enterprise. 

Given this mandate, CIOs and technology executives must be aligned with the CEO's agenda and work with the CEO and the C-suite to create agility, drive innovation, and identify and act on opportunities for developing new business models. 

To achieve these ambitious goals, successful companies are capitalizing on transformational technologies such as artificial intelligence/machine learning, blockchain, cloud, digital platforms and analytics. At HMG Strategy, we fully recognize the importance of applying these game-changing technologies to lead, reimagine, and reinvent the business - which, not coincidentally, is the theme of our 2018 Executive Leadership Summit Series. 

As our 3,000 Advisory Board members across 26 global markets share with us on a daily basis, they are hungry to receive real-world case studies that demonstrate how companies across industries are applying metamorphic technologies such as AI and blockchain to revolutionize the business. To help meet these interests, HMG Strategy has partnered with several blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) companies that offer tremendous potential for accelerating B2B relationships and tap into new markets. 

For instance, Inxeption is a blockchain-based software platform founded by a group of former Oracle executives that helps transform manufacturing companies of all kinds into online and on-demand businesses. 

Meanwhile, we're further educating executives in our network on the transformational promise of blockchain and other hot technologies through the forward-looking research articles we're publishing on the HMG Strategy Resource Center.

The future roadmap for businesses is centered around leveraging digital technology platforms to connect companies to a vast network of customer and partner ecosystems to power future growth. Success in the next era of the digital landscape is contingent on the power of communities and the power of your network.