winter-olympicsSkiing is my passion, but the figure skating competitions at the 2018 Winter Olympics last night were electrifying, absolutely amazing and totally inspiring. Olympic skaters display strength, stamina, skill and discipline like no other athletes. They are truly unique and thrilling to watch. You could feel the energy and intensity rippling across the ice during outstanding performances by Patrick Chan, Scott Moir, Tessa Virtue, Gabrielle Daleman, Adam Rippon and Mirai Nagasu. 

As an American, I was thrilled by Nagasu's incredibly difficult and nearly perfect triple axel jump. She's the first American woman to successfully complete a triple axel in an Olympic event, and I'm sure that everyone watching her skate was caught up in the moment and holding their breath.

What makes her performance so inspiring is the fact that she didn't make the team in 2014. It's been eight long years since her last appearance at the Olympics, and she knew this might be her last time to show to the world that she's a true Olympic champion.    

I love stories in which the heroes and heroines have to battle their way back to success after suffering setbacks and disappointments. One of the reasons we enjoy watching fearless world-class competitors like skiers Mikaela Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn is that we know they've rebounded from injuries that would have ended the careers of most athletes.

As I wrote in Friday's edition of the newsletter, the Olympics are more than sporting events - they teach us how to deal with life's supreme challenges and win the ultimate victories. We can all learn incredibly valuable lessons from watching living legends like Shiffrin, Vonn, Shaun White, Chloe Kim and Nathan Chen. I find them absolutely inspiring. They are role models for focus, determination, courage, strength and self-discipline.

For tech leaders and executives, the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang are a learning platform. Our companies don't expect us to ski down a mountain and win a gold medal, but they do expect us to perform at peak levels and to deliver fabulous results.

When we watch the Olympics, we're not just watching superior and exemplary athletes performing unbelievably amazing feats - we're watching ourselves and we're seeing what we can do when we push ourselves to the max and excel as we've never excelled before.