jed-global-innovationAt last week's 2018 Global Innovation Summit at the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park/Silicon Valley, CA, we nailed it. It was an amazing event, with an A-List of incredibly energized speakers and hundreds of totally engaged attendees. Thank you HPE for recognizing this summit as the 'must-attend' CIO conference for 2018.

I had a great conversation on stage with Jedidiah Yueh, Founder and Executive Chairman of Delphix. Jed spoke passionately about the huge differences between traditional product development and digital innovation. Jed's highly compelling description of modern innovation explains how and why the roster of companies in the Fortune 500 has changed so dramatically in the past ten years.

Until recently, it took years to develop and launch new products. Today, many young companies routinely create and launch new products in weeks or even days. As Jed reminds us, Mark Zuckerberg spent about a week coding the program that would become Facebook.  

Inexpensive "buy by the drip" cloud services means you no longer need dozens of coders, months of time and enormous piles of cash to build a disruptive monster that can eat an industry!

"Today, a thinner layer of technology is required to change the world," says Jed. The speed of innovation is driving a new generation of world-class services and products. All you need to succeed is a really great idea, some coding skills and a credit card to buy cloud services. 

The new model of extremely rapid innovation has created an "avalanche effect" across the 21st century economic landscape. The title of Jed's new book is "Disrupt or Die: What the World Needs to Learn from Silicon Valley to Survive the Digital Era," which perfectly captures the spirit of modern entrepreneurial capitalism. "Today, it's so easy to change the world," says Jed.  

I strongly recommend reading Jed's book. It's unquestionably one of the best business books I've read in the past five years. I also urge you to consider attending one of our upcoming summits. Click here for a schedule of upcoming events

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