Digital Business Transformation As companies accelerate with digital transformation initiatives, CIOs and technology executives are being called upon to play a vital role in helping to redefine the enterprise's future state. 

Thanks to their unique view of the enterprise and how various organizational functions and business units interoperate, savvy technology leaders can visualize how people, processes, and technologies can be coalesced to drive innovation and help transform the business. 

CIOs have the suitable personality traits and work styles to take on digital leadership roles, according to a 2017 study conducted by Deloitte. Participants in the 2017 Digital Business study identified the top leadership attributes needed to drive digital transformation as an experimentation mindset (61 percent), risk-taking attitude (55 percent) and a willingness to speak out (36 percent). These characteristics map closely with the CIO personality traits and business acumen identified in the 2016-2017 Global CIO Survey - 81% of CIOs are early technology adopters, 75% are risk tolerant and 75% tolerate confrontation.

Still, one of the key requirements for technology executives to succeed with leading digital transformation efforts is their ability to effectively communicate this vision to the CEO, fellow members of the C-suite, and other key stakeholders so that they can embrace these opportunities and execute on the vision.

"An essential role of the CIO is in filtering through what is relevant and communicating to the C-suite the art of the possible," said Relle Howard, CIO at Trinity Industries, Inc. Howard will share these and other insights on the CIO's role in leading, reimagining and reinventing the enterprise at HMG Strategy's upcoming 2018 Dallas CIO Executive Leadership Summit on March 7 at the Renaissance Dallas Hotel.

Effective technology executives also must be able to successfully communicate the art of the possible to team members across a variety of demographics. "When you look at how the industry is changing and the excitement that's percolating in IT, communicating the art of the possible within the organization also involves convincing team members that they must be willing and able to change in order to be part of this new world," said Thomas Sweet, VP IT, GM Financial, who will be joining Howard on the Dallas summit panel. Sweet said he regularly speaks with his team members across diverse backgrounds - Millenials, GenXers, women, etc.

"This is part of what's required to be a transformational leader," said Sweet. "You have to have that passion and learn what you can do and see how you can be part of the change that's occurring."

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