ny-2017-cio-summit-of-america--18For many CIOs and technology executives, 2018 is the year to step into the spotlight. 

"With the opportunities that are available to reimagine and reinvent the business, this is unquestionably the best time ever to be a technology executive," said HMG Strategy President and CEO Hunter Muller

Hunter Muller teamed up with Ramón Baez, Former SVP, Customer Evangelist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise who is now HMG Strategy Executive-in-Residence and CIO Evangelist, to set the stage for key discussion threads that ultimately were shared with the hundreds of technology executives who attended the 2018 CIO Summit of America in New York on March 28th. 

Muller and Baez began the day by launching into an HMG Tech Talk on 'Why the Tech Platform Matters,' including why it's important for technology leaders to stretch beyond their comfort zones and think big. 

"Leadership matters," added Baez. "And if you don't think so, look at where (CEO) Satya Nadella has taken Microsoft since he took over the company in 2014."

Without question, CIOs are increasingly expected to identify, communicate, and act on opportunities for innovation and business transformation. And while it's imperative for CIOs to act courageously in navigating the way forward with the CEO and the board of directors, it's also important for business leaders not to leave the onus on CIOs. 

"Business leaders also must take responsibility with the CIO to drive innovation and create processes that support innovation," said Larry Quinlan, Global CIO, Deloitte.

Speakers at the Summit of America also explored the role that advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain are playing in helping companies to drive speed to market and to gain a competitive edge. "In the past, money was the advantage for the New York Yankees. Now, it's analytics," said Michael Kay, New York Yankees Broadcaster at YES Network.

Meanwhile, in the face of a tight skills market, creative CIOs are looking at alternative recruitment and retention techniques to acquire and preserve the expertise needed to help move the business forward. "We're recruiting differently, outside of traditional IT programs at colleges and universities, to help us to become more diverse and to enable us to tackle digital disruption," said Scott Strickland, CIO, Wyndham Hotel Group. 

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