amazonAWS Generates Amazing Revenue for Amazon 

AWS is making the cash register ring for Amazon. The cloud service unit has evolved into a major global business, easily eclipsing rival cloud offerings from Microsoft, IBM, Google and Oracle. 

"Revenue was $5.44 billion, up 49 percent from revenue of $3.66 billion in the year-ago quarter. During 2017, AWS growth hovered around 45 percent ... Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos singled out the group for praise in his scripted press release comments accompanying the release of Amazon's overall results," writes Tom Krazit in GeekWire.

For a business unit founded in 2006, the numbers are simply astounding. "Operating profit increased ...from $890 million a year ago to $1.4 billion in the first quarter of 2018. That's a 57 percent jump, and it was once again the most profitable segment of the company that Amazon breaks out," writes Krazit.

jack-dorseyTwitter Turnaround; Profits Definitely Help    

For a while, it seemed like Twitter was everyone's favorite whipping boy. Despite its popularity, it just didn't seem like a serious company. 

But the doubts are beginning to fade. "Twitter generated $655 million in revenue in Q1 2018, beating expectations of $606.9 million and helping the company reach profitability for a second straight quarter. The social company's revenue grew 21% year-over-year (YoY), up from the 8% YoY drop in revenue in Q1 2017," writes Kevin Tran in Business Insider.

Ad revenue grew, along with monthly active users. Twitter also streamed more than 1,300 live broadcasts, following up on its goal of becoming a major source of live video.  

"Twitter's informal guidance indicates total revenues could grow 16% YoY in 2018. Twitter stated in its earnings release that it expected sequential growth rates for the remainder of 2018 to resemble sequential growth rates in 2016. If that's the case, Twitter's total 2018 revenue will grow 16% YoY, an acceleration versus a 3% YoY decline in 2017," writes Tran

GmailGmail Goes Live with Redesign

It's been seven years since Google updated the design of Gmail. This week, the rumored redesign went live. 

"A pane on the right side shows in-line interfaces for Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google Tasks. In the future you'll be able to send 'Confidential' emails that expire at a set time or can be unsent at any time. Gmail now also has features from Google Inbox like snoozing emails and computer generated Smart Replies," writes Ron Amadeo in Ars Technica

Google made the announcement this week, but most users won't have immediate access to the redesigned version. If and when you decide to update your Gmail account, let us know what you think of the new design.