customer-experience-ai-updatedCIOs are under increased pressure to help their organizations improve customer experience. This makes perfect sense, given the CIO's unique view across the enterprise and how they are able to connect the dots on how people, processes and technology can be blended to deliver exceptional customer experiences. It is little surprise then that 65% of "digital vanguard" CIOs report they have strong relationships with customer-facing business functions, according to Deloitte's 2018 Global CIO Survey

As part of this, CIOs should work with customer-facing functions (sales, marketing, customer support) to invest in AI and digital transformation to improve user experience, customer satisfaction and to run the business smoothly without disruptions and outages. 

There are many areas that all companies can invest in to improve the overall customer experience (CX). Each organization needs to make bets on which AI technologies offer short-term and long-term ROI while improving the customer experience. 

CIOs are under constant pressure to improve user experience and deliver more business-aligned value through technology and best practices. CIOs are also under pressure to reduce both Opex and Capex costs while customer experience needs to be drastically improved. CX (Customer experience) is key ingredient for organizations to improve user experience and customer satisfaction. Customer experience must include wide-ranging areas such as user engagement, user retention, growing the user base/community, increasing user adoption and providing customer services platforms for users to innovate. Although this is an area that has been perfected by consumer-facing companies, even traditional enterprises are now aiming for the same goals. 

The digital transformation of businesses demand CX needs a new framework to increase user experience and productivity, service agent productivity and performance, respond to requests, resolve tickets/incidents, automate workflows and actions, and reduce costs. 

Customer experience can be improved by automating tasks in three ways: Intelligent automation and RPA; Intelligent dialog/conversation AI; and AI-driven Service Management-as-a-Service. The use of AI in all these areas aims at creating a very dynamic, personalized experience that minimizes the mean time to resolve customers' requests.  

The following areas are important for CIOs to consider for overall CX improvements:

  • User behavior analysis to provide personalized experiences
  • Proactive customer service to users
  • Predictive customer support to better anticipate and respond to customer issues ahead of customer outreach
  • Prescriptive solutions to resolve customer challenges

Organizations of all sizes can now easily deploy intelligent automation technologies that fuse RPA with Cloud-native orchestration and AI and transform traditional service desks, help desks and Cloud/IT operations. These digital transformations can be accomplished independent of legacy IT organizations, legacy IT Service Management solutions or outsourcing service providers. One way this type of ITSM automation can occur is by utilizing multi-Cloud, RPA, Virtual Agents, AIOps, and AI-driven Service Management (AISM). 

The key solutions and technologies where CIOs can invest for improving customer experience can be categorized as follows:

  • Next-gen ITSM (AISM)
  • AIOps for Cloud/IT/DevOps
  • Intelligent Automation or RPA
  • Automated Service Management - Virtual Agent and Agent Intelligence

Here are some of the wide-ranging benefits of AI-enabled CX to users and customers: 

  • Awesome user experience that increases the overall customer satisfaction
  • Fast resolution of customer issues and self-service capabilities
  • Drastic reduction in outages and improved business uptime
  • Significant reduction in mean-time-to-repair during outages

With AI and machine learning for customer experience improvement, and by automating repetitive and programmatic tasks, customer service teams can channel their creativity, passion and imagination into actions that provide greater value to the dynamic and growing business and while also achieving drastic cost savings of operational costs in the first year. It is time for all organizations to make a bet on "Rejuvenating Customer Experience Through AI".

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