Newsletter-ImageGeo-political and business disruption is relentless. Market forces are shifting every day.

The pressure to keep pace with these changes can be daunting for technology/business executives. Clearly, bold leadership and a new way of thinking is needed by tech executives to help move the business forward with the CEO and the Board.

The demand for the types of insights demanded by technology executives to succeed in today’s highly turbulent business environment is why HMG Strategy is launching its Pivotal Vision Research Service, a dynamic advisory service that’s tailored for forward-thinking technology leaders focused on innovation, business transformation, disruption and career ascent in the 21st century enterprise.

Pivotal Vision Research Service informs technology executives about the key trends that are that are impacting industries. Most importantly, it draws directly off of HMG Strategy’s core peer-driven model to provide CIOs, CISOs and their teams with the tools they need that can enable them to lead, innovate and disrupt the enterprise, to cultivate a culture of genius and to power their career trajectories.

Through the Pivotal Vision Research Service, technology executives and their teams will receive 24 annual comprehensive research articles along with the latest innovation trends coming out of Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and other tech innovation hotbeds. Key topics to be explored will include:

  • Reimagining and reinventing the business
  • Effective Board-level communications strategies to transform the business
  • Envisioning and executing on the future-state enterprise
  • Driving innovation across the enterprise
  • Cultivating a culture of customer centricity
  • Leveraging AI, machine learning and data analytics for competitive advantage
  • Becoming a visionary leader

As part of these services, HMG Strategy will also be hosting quarterly conference calls with technology executives featured in the research to enable subscribers to pose questions and interact on key leadership, innovation, transformation, disruption and career-oriented topics.

Technology executives in the HMG community continually tell us how the thought leadership that’s shared at our summits and on our digital platform is forward-looking and different from any other providers in the market. Pivotal Vision is the next step in our evolution as a trusted platform for visionary executive leadership, and we urge you to participate by subscribing to this new and exceptionally valuable source of information and content tailored exclusively for senior-level executives and their direct reports.

Here are a few recent examples that reflect the type of in-depth research articles you’ll receive under the Pivotal Vision Research Service:

To learn more about the service, including pricing, usage rights and content, email HMG Strategy President and CEO Hunter Muller at Additionally, you can reach out to HMG Strategy’s Chief Engagement Officer Rob Kovalesky at or to Tom Hoffman, Senior Research Director, at