location-data-croppedSenators Seek Probe of Telecoms Over Sale of Location Data

U.S. lawmakers are unhappy with the idea of major telecoms collecting location data about their customers and selling it to third-party sources.

“This is a call that mobile carriers won't be happy to get,” writes Alfred Ng of CNET. “Several federal lawmakers are demanding that the Federal Communications Commission investigate companies like T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.”

It’s hard to tell how far efforts like this will go, but clearly they represent another sign that data privacy is raising concerns in the halls of government. For tech executives everywhere, this is a reminder that data privacy is a growing issue and should be on your agenda.

Tech-Trade-Show-croppedFrom Quantum Computers to Teapots, CES 2019 Featured a Standout Collection of New Tech Gear

If you didn’t make it to CES 2019, the next best thing is reading Wired’s daily coverage. Yesterday’s report includes a great item on the Fonebud W, a charging brick that holds a 10,000mAh charge and also serves as a Wi-Fi hotspot in more than 90 countries. If you’re a road warrior – and aren’t we all? – you’ll be interested in this.

Also for modern business travelers, Heatworks unveiled a battery-powered carafe called Duo that instantly heats water poured through its spout. If you like drinking tea, this will be an appealing addition to your travel gear.

CES 2019 showcased so many amazing products and gadgets that it’s hard to summarize. But if you’re looking for quick recaps of the action, Wired in the best place to start.

For more in-depth coverage of CES, I recommend a great article on The Verge about the influence of the gaming industry and its impact on the development of new PC technology. It’s definitely worth reading.

tesla-porsche-croppedTesla Faces Competition from Porsche

Move over Tesla, Porsche is hoping to overtake you. Not surprisingly, Porshe has developed its own electric car, and would be more than happy to overtake Tesla in the race for most customers.

“Porsche's first full-production electric vehicle (EV), the Taycan, has garnered substantial interest from prospective buyers,” writes Ayoub Aouad in Business Insider. “Although (Porsche North America president and CEO Klaus) Zellmer didn't offer specific figures, he did state that if every person who placed a pre-order ended up purchasing the EV, the Taycan would be sold out in its first year.”