erp-security-croppedThe two most prominent providers of enterprise resource planning (ERP) security have now merged: Boston-based Onapsis announced this week that they have acquired Heidelberg-based Virtual Forge. While the deal terms were undisclosed, we do know that the resulting company will have three hundred staff, which creates a solid global base on which to drive growth. Led by Mariano Nunez, this newly-combined team looks formidable.

“Our goal with this acquisition is to create a single trusted partner for organizations to properly secure their business applications, including obviously, their SAP infrastructure,” Nunez explained to me during a private lunch in Boston this week. “We are so delighted with the powerful synergies both firms bring to our new offer set, and we are excited that we now have such an expanded international reach.”

To understand the context, one should recognize that increasingly, businesses are their applications – and this statement is not intended as a metaphor. That is, to truly understand how a business operates in 2019 and beyond, one need look no further than the applications driving that business. This includes the software and services that support processes for ERP, CRM, HR, and other critical functions. Collectively, these apps define a given business.

As one might expect, malicious actors have also made this observation, and have begun to include ERP and related business applications in their attack cross-hairs, right next to endpoints, servers, networks, data centers, and infrastructure. Onapsis and Virtual Forge have had a clear head start monitoring ERP compliance and supporting business critical app security objectives, and this helps highlight the combined power of the new entity.

“Our company is focused on providing best-in-class solutions for accurate visibility, rapid incident response, day-to-day security management, compliance assurance, and management-reporting for ERP and business applications,” Nunez said. “Our over-arching purpose is to help customers avoid serious cyber security threats, and reduce their risk in this critically important aspect of modern business.”

So, if you work day-to-day with SAP, or if you have responsibility for related ERP, CRM, or other business applications, then you should look carefully at the new Onapsis. And if you need more specific information about this acquisition, or if you would like to contact Onapsis directly, then please check out their official press release issued earlier this week. It should answer most of your questions.