streaming-croppedApple May Soon Unveil Service to Compete with Netflix

Soon, Apple may be taking the wraps off its new streaming video service. The new service would likely compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime, according to industry reports. Apple is partnering in the new venture with CBS, Viacom, Lions Gate and other established producers of entertainment content. Additionally, Apple will produce its own content.

“Apple has long hinted at a planned video service, spending $2 billion in Hollywood to produce its own content and signing major stars such as Oprah Winfrey. The TV service is expected to launch globally, a person familiar with the matter said, an ambitious move to rival services from Netflix Inc and Inc’s Prime Video. Apple’s App Store, where the service is likely to be distributed, is currently available in more than 100 countries,” write Kenneth Li and Stephen Nellis of Reuters.

smart-sneakers-croppedWatch Where You Step: Smart Sneakers Pose Privacy Risks

How smart do you want your shoes to be? Is it okay if they tell their makers where, when and precisely how much you run, leap and jump?

“Athletic apparel companies like Nike, Under Armour and Puma may find themselves … on the defensive as they lead the charge to infuse technology into their sneakers. After all, the smarter the object, the more likely it is to be hacked. It's a worrisome trend that industries are dealing with as they try to find the balance between adding convenience and protecting your privacy,” write Alfred Ng in C-NET.

Fitness apps might pose even greater security risks, according to Ng’s article, since they often track “sensitive information like location, running routes and health routines.”

spaceNASA Declares Opportunity Dead After 15-Year Expedition Across the Sands of Mars

Opportunity, the hard-working self-propelled robot that roamed the surface of Mars for 15 years, has apparently died, its batteries exhausted after a record-breaking trek on our neighboring planet.

“Opportunity is technically dead. But perhaps it’s more accurate to say it’s bravely completed its mission—and then some. It was only expected to scoot about the martian surface for three months, yet here we are 15 years later. It was designed to travel just 1,100 yards, yet ended up roving a stunning 28 miles. With its companion rover Spirit, the two robots studied the hell out of the Red Planet, exploring geology and dust devils and even finding meteorites,” writes Matt Simon of Wired.

RIP, Opportunity. The undeniable success of your mission serves as an inspiration to all of us.