cell-tower-croppedI am thrilled and excited by the upcoming merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. From my perspective as a technology leader, the merger will expand competition and greatly accelerate innovation across the entire economy.

This is a major moment for tech. The $26.5 billion merger has been approved by top U.S. regulators and now awaits a final okay from the FCC. 

Here’s why I believe the deal will speed up the pace of innovation across multiple sectors of the economy: From the moment it becomes official, New T-Mobile will spark a true competition over the future of 5G.

Today, AT&T and Verizon are virtually unchallenged in the race for 5G dominance. But when New T-Mobile is up and running, we have a real contest. May the best company win!

Candidly, however, I see the competition over 5G as a win-win scenario for all parties involved, especially consumers. In cities, 5G’s low latency, ultra-wide bandwidth and increased capacity will open the door to a new generation of self-driving cars and buses. In rural areas, 5G will bring a welcome alternative to existing wireless options, offering more connectivity and more choice, at lower prices.

“New T-Mobile will be uniquely able to accelerate the country’s position and quickly deploy a broad and deep nationwide 5G network that will deliver unprecedented services and lower prices to consumers at all price points and businesses of all sizes across all parts of the U.S.,” according to the New T-Mobile web site.

I share that strong sense of enthusiasm and optimism.  From my point of view, competition will rapidly increase the pace and quality of innovation – not just in the telecom space, but everywhere. Again, I see this as a game-changing moment for our industry and for the world.

I’ve been writing and speaking about 5G for a while. It’s not a fad or a short-lived trend. It’s an absolutely critical step on the road to seamless low-latency networking and high-quality global communications. 5G is truly the beginning of the next phase in technology evolution.

With 5G in place, there will be more opportunities for companies and organizations to compete as global entities equipped with global technology platforms. More companies will have the choice to create robust global business models and compete directly for global customers.

I applaud the efforts by everyone involved in the merger and I wish New T-Mobile good fortune in its bid to bring a higher and significantly more intense level of competition to this essential market that impacts all of us.