Strategic Plan-croppedAs CEOs and Boards of Directors are becoming increasingly attuned to the need to invest in and apply adequate resources to information security, the role of the CISO also continues to become more strategic. 

For instance, CISOs are working more closely with the C-suite and Board to communicate the top risks and threats that the enterprise faces along with the strategies they and their information security teams are pursuing to mitigate those risks. In addition, business-savvy CISOs are recognizing they need to change the perception of the security team as a hindrance to business progress and to position the security organization as a strategic asset that can enable enterprise innovation while continuing to protect the organization’s crown jewels.

These and other key trends in the evolution of the CISO were on full display at HMG Strategy’s recent 2019 Silicon Valley CISO Executive Leadership Summit which was held on March 21 at the Hotel Nia in Menlo Park, CA. Topics explored in at the summit, which set a record for attendance, included:

  • How emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and user behavior analytics can be used by information security teams to detect malicious behavior faster and more effectively.
  • Recommendations for creating your future professional brand as a security leader, including steps CISOs are taking to strengthen relationships across the enterprise along with top ways to elevate their professional brands and power their career ascent.

One of the most engaging and enlightening discussions of the day was a panel of CEOs and senior executives from financial services, health care, and technology industries who shared their advice as active board members on steps that CISOs can take to become boardroom-ready, how to land a public board position along with the skills that are needed to become an effective board member. 

Some of the key insights that were shared on the panel, which was moderated by Mark Egan, Partner at StrataFusion, included:

  • The importance for CISOs to communicate in non-technical terms
  • The need for CISOs to develop an overall security strategy for the organization
  • Why security leaders must extend themselves beyond securing the enterprise and help their organizations to use security as a competitive advantage.

Mark Egan will be moderating a similar panel of CEOs who will provide their recommendations for CIOs and other technology executives to become boardroom-ready at HMG Strategy’s upcoming 2019 San Francisco CIO Executive Leadership Summit at the Fairmont San Francisco on April 25.

Forward-thinking CISOs are positioning themselves as business enablers and rightfully so. They remain prepared to protect the enterprise while helping the business to move forward and expand in new directions.

Interested in learning more about the progression of the CISO role and how security leaders are strengthening their partnerships across the lines of business and the C-suite? Click here to check out our upcoming CISO summits in New York and Washington, D.C.