road-to-success-croppedEric Yuans’s Inspiring and Amazing Journey to Success: His Visa Was Rejected Eight Times Before Launching Zoom

Last week, we congratulated our good friend Eric Yuan for the incredibly successful IPO of Zoom, the firm he launched in 2011. I urge you to read Amit Chowdhry’s truly inspiring article about Eric’s epic achievements.

Eric’s struggles to obtain a Visa remind us that it often takes amazing courage and tenacity to overcome the odds and reach our goals. Eric’s victory is an inspiration and a wonderful lesson for all of us. 

“There are thousands of companies that utilize Zoom’s software and about 344 of those companies spend more than $100,000 per year on the video conferencing and collaboration services. Some of the companies that use Zoom include Capital One, Samsung, and Walmart,” writes Chowdhry. “Investors have been confident about Zoom’s growth as the valuation is nearly 50 times its sales. Zoom’s revenue grew 118% in 2018 and the company is profitable. Zoom’s stock jumped 72% on the first trading day last week and it valued the company at $15.9 billion. And Zoom raised $356.8 million from the IPO.”

We are especially proud that Zoom is a HMG Strategy National Partner and we are confident that Eric will continue inspiring us to achieve our highest goals and most amazing dreams.

flying-taxi-croppedTesla Planning Autonomous Robotaxi Fleet by 2020 

Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will launch robotaxis in selected markets next year, the first stage of a larger plan to create a network for autonomous ride-sharing services.

In effect, Musk’s decision will effectively put Tesla into competition with ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft. Musk indicated the initial rollout would be limited to markets where Tesla can meet regulatory requirements.

The move would also create a new reason for people to buy Teslas, since the ride-sharing network would enable owners to monetize their vehicles. Apparently, new Teslas are equipped with self-driving technology, which would make it possible for them to serve as robotaxis.

“All new Tesla vehicles are now produced with its custom full self-driving computer chip, a detail that Musk revealed during the event Monday. That chip fulfills the hardware requirements for full self-driving, according to Musk,” writes Kirsten Korosec in TechCrunch. “Musk noted that he sees a future where the robotaxis would return home and automatically park and recharge.”

quantum-computing-newLeap Forward for Scalable Quantum Computing

A new device might make it possible to scale up the power of quantum computers. The idea of “industrial strength” quantum computing is appealing because it would radically transform the processing of data and information, potentially opening the door to a new epoch of scientific discovery.

“The device is potentially scalable because of its flat "planar" surface – a platform that industry already uses in the form of silicon wafers for building classical microprocessors,” writes Kayla Wiles of Purdue University. “The work, published in Nature, was led by the Microsoft Quantum lab at the University of Copenhagen's Niels Bohr Institute, which fabricated and measured the device.”

Quantum computing could be used to find new cures for disease, accelerate scientific research and vastly increase the speed of analyzing large volumes of data.