Why Brexit Matters to Technology Executives


It’s tempting to look at Brexit as simply an argument between the United Kingdom and the European Union, but the impact of the quarrel might be long lasting and far reaching.

Here’s why: According to a recent study, the UK is home to 72 tech firms worth over $1 billion, which far outpaces the rest of Europe. In many ways, the UK is indisputably the central hub of European tech innovation and development. While the UK still trails the US and China, it’s a strong player in the tech space.

“More than a third of Europe’s fastest-growing tech companies are based in Britain, according to the study for the government-led Digital Economy Council, whose members include techUK, Google, Facebook, BT and Apple. It said that, over the same period, the US and China had created 703 and 206 tech firm respectively,” according to an article in The Guardian.

From my perspective as a technology leader, I recommend keeping a close eye on Brexit, since there’s a good chance that some aspect of it will impact our organizations. We live in a global economy today, which means we’re all interconnected and interdependent – especially in the tech sector.

 Tesla Customers in China Seek Rebates After Tax Break from Government

ei-2Tesla just can’t stay out of the headlines. This week, Tesla customers in China are angry because the high-tech autos qualified for a 10 percent reduction in the purchase tax normally charged to car buyers. According to government officials, “dozens” of automakers qualified for the tax reduction, which apparently was granted to encourage the development of battery-electric and hybrid vehicles.

“While the news was a boon for Tesla, it also caused some confusion. Customers aren’t sure if they are eligible for the refunds retroactively, or whether the tax break applies only to new buyers,” writes Lora Kolodny of CNBC.“Some customers in China complained that Tesla should have warned them that a tax exemption may be possible, so they could have delayed purchases and qualified for the deal.”

Watch Out for Wi-Fi 7 in 2024

ei-3Last week, we included a brief item about Wi-Fi 6, which is expected to greatly improve wireless connectivity in the home. This week, we’re covering Wi-Fi 7, which will offer even greater capabilities.

“With speeds as high as 30 gigabits per second, the next generation of Wi-Fi promises better streaming video, longer range and fewer problems with traffic congestion,” writes Stephen Shankland in C-NET. “The change will come in a series of steps, beginning with improvements to Wi-Fi 6, that lay the groundwork for the expected arrival of Wi-Fi 7 in 2024.”

With speeds like those, nobody will want to leave home. 

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