Upcoming Denver Summit: Driving the Digital Roadmap to a Truly Customer-Centric Enterprise That’s Also Safe, Secure and Resilient

The days of “build it and they will come” are over. Today, we live in a new universe where the winning companies anticipate the needs of their customers and deliver real value to them at every conceivable point of contact.

In this new universe, CIOs and senior technology executives play absolutely critical roles. Why? The answer is simple: You cannot deliver superior customer experiences unless you have the right technologies and the best possible user interfaces. 

You also need the right combination of tools, solutions and strategies for keeping your data -- and the data of your customers – safe and secure at all times. Cyber criminals continually launch attacks in hopes of gaining access to your systems and data, which means your organization must be in a state of constant readiness and alert.

Getting those stars aligned requires expertise, judgment, experience and leadership – all the attributes of the world-class 21st Century technology executive.

We’ll be exploring and examining precisely what it takes to become a world-class technology executive at the 2019 Denver CIO Executive Leadership Summit on Sept. 5, 2019 from 7:30 AM-5:30 pm at the Ritz-Carlton in Denver, CO. Register here for this high-value executive-level conference.

Michael Archuleta, CIO, Mt. San Rafael Hospital; Renee Arrington, President and COO, Pearson Partners International, Inc; Mike Barlow, Author and Futurist; JP Batra, Business/Technology Executive - CTO/CIO/Product & Program Management, Blue River International, Inc.; Robert Bernard,Executive Director DCG Supply Chain Strategy & Innovation, Lenovo; Tony Brown, Senior Account Executive, OutSystems; Martin Coover, Partner & Executive Search Consultant, Jobplex; Glenn Dally, CISO, Molson Coors Brewing Company; Nicole Eagan, CEO, Darktrace; Kevin Glynn; Managing Principal, The Laminar Group LLC; Jeffrey Grayson; SVP Digital Platforms, Alterra Mountain Company; Dan Jost, Senior Manager, IT Digital innovation and Emerging Technologies, Molson Coors Brewing Company, Stephen Katsirubas, CIO, Hunter Douglas; Christopher Mandelaris, CISO, Elevations Credit Union; Sam Masiello, CISO, Gates Corporation; Molly Rauzi, CIO and Managing Director, Gagen MacDonald; Trevor Schulze, CIO, RingCentral; Bob Tapscott, Management Consultant, the Tapscott Group, The Blockchain Institute; Sujan Turlapaty, Vice President Digital Transformation, Summit Materials; Ted Wagner, Senior Director, Interconnection Produce Management, Equinix; Jeff Wysocki, Business Unit CIO, Medtronic; and Denis Zerr, CIO, Radiology Partners.

I urge you to join us this Thursday for the 2019 Denver CIO Executive Leadership Summit at the Ritz-Carlton in Denver. I look forward to meeting you in person and hearing your views. To apply for registration, please click here

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