Hunter Muller Predicts: Amazon’s Alexa Will Create New Markets andAdobeStock_144183548 Fundamentally Transform the Technology Industry

Over the weekend, CNBC ran a great article about the widening array of Alexa-powered products, and questioned whether Amazon’s investment would pan out. I included a brief item about how Alexa now enables visually-impaired users to identify products in Friday’s Tech News Digest, and I want to take a deeper dive in today’s post.

Yes, the CNBC article raises a legitimate question regarding the uncertain financial benefits of flooding the market with Alexa-powered products. That said, Amazon has a history of turning risky business models into amazing cash engines, and I firmly believe that Amazon is on the track to victory again with its Alexa product offerings.

From my perspective, the Alexa family of products and services will create long term competitive advantages for Amazon and will totally revolutionize the way all of us shop for consumer goods.

But it won’t end there, because the Amazon model – or something very similar to it -- will extend into the business-to-business space and radically transform how technology executives buy IT products and services.

I predict that Alexa’s impact will reach far beyond the consumer universe and will completely change the way we purchase and utilize IT.

Why do I believe this? Because Alexa isn’t just a family of handy devices that makes shopping easier – it’s a highly sophisticated system of advanced technologies that gather huge amounts of data, analyze it and essentially create new offerings in real time.

The secret sauce here is AI, which feeds off the data and actually learns from it. Every time you interact with a system such as Alexa, it gets smarter and does a better job of figuring out what you need tomorrow – or five minutes from now.

Okay, now imagine applying similar capabilities to IT services and products. Soon, an AI will let you know when a product or service needs to be replaced or upgraded, and suggest the best solution.

That’s why I believe that systems like Amazon’s Alexa will transform technology leadership. In the very near future, many of the executive decisions that consume our time and energy will be supported by AIs. We won’t be replaced by machines, but we will have access to far better levels of decision support than ever before.

From perspective, that’s a giant leap forward in the right direction.

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