I am incredibly proud and honored that HMG Strategy Executive Leadership Summits received multiple favorable mentions in CIO.com’s prestigious list of top CIO conferences. We offer our sincere thanks to all involved, and we were especially gratified by the outpouring of support on social media.

It’s a genuine tribute to the power of our amazing team here at HMG Strategy and our unparalleled global community of technology leaders – the strongest network of its kind on the planet.

The CIO.com listing validates the unique thought leadership and perspectives that are shared at HMG Strategy’s Executive Leadership Summits as well as on our digital platform. These forward-looking and distinctive insights enable CIOs and technology executives to help their organizations to reimagine and reinvent the business in core, parallel, and new markets, to drive innovation and to gain a competitive edge.

Technology is driving strong economic growth and fueling prosperity all over the world. This is our moment, and we are truly fortunate.

That said, none of us can afford to rest on our laurels. We all need to build our personal brands and enhance our reputations as leaders. The transformational processes we guide and oversee are demanding. They require our continual attention and our energy.

Accomplishing our mission requires focus and mastery. As technology leaders, we simply cannot stop learning and growing. The world around us is evolving rapidly, and we will always need to stay ahead of the curve to maintain our competitive advantages. That’s the deal, and that’s the way it should be.

Come join us at our world-class summits and conferences. I’m proud to say we offer the absolute best roster of speakers, presenters and panelists. Our summits and conferences also provide unmatched opportunities to network with highly regarded professionals, acquire new critical knowledge and share information in a relaxed peer-to-peer environment. I look forward to meeting you personally and listening to your stories.

At HMG Strategy, we're actively supporting the next great generation of technology leaders. We've created a truly global peer-to-peer platform to deliver world-class insights and ideas to the global audience. Please join us at one of our upcoming summits and learn how to lead, re-imagine and reinvent the modern enterprise to create a culture of genius and drive growth in unprecedented times.