HMG Strategy is known as the world’s foremost executive leadership community because of its position as a trusted community and career accelerator for more than 400,000 technology executives. A quickly transforming market for these executives means that HMG Strategy is expanding at an unprecedented rate.

“I have seen opportunities lost by IT leaders who are slow to respond to growth, development and adaptation to new technologies,” said Hunter Muller, HMG Strategy’s President and CEO. “Given that insight, our company recognizes those opportunities where CIOs, CISOs and other technology executives can transform their companies and drive meaningful business value.”

HMG Strategy is looking to expand and maximize those opportunities by hiring motivated individuals at the entry and executive levels. Full-time employees are being sought to help expand the company’s outreach and to support the 360-degree needs of CIOs, CISOs and technology executives. Entry-level applicants will be considered for HMG’s world-class internship program.

The company hosts more than 70 unique events for executive networking each year across North America and Europe. In addition, HMG Strategy has developed an award-winning Digital Resource Center which features research articles, white papers, case studies, webinars, videos and other digital assets. To ensure the success of these goals and more, each talented recruit that’s hired will play a significant role in advancing the HMG brand.

HMG Strategy is currently looking to hire a Research Director who will accelerate the flow of editorial content along with a Social Media Manager who will transform and expand HMG Strategy’s online footprint. Additionally, a Community Expert is needed to advocate for the company’s Executive Leadership Summit series in specific regions.

Within outreach, the company is looking to hire a Regional Sales Director to expand its partnerships with potential sponsors. Additionally, a Business Development Executive is needed to create new relationships with prospective sponsors and organize executive meetings for the sales team.

HMG Strategy’s internship program offers the unique opportunity for local college students to launch their careers with the world’s top executive leadership network. At a time of intense innovation and business disruption across global markets, HMG interns learn and grow in a high-energy culture, making connections with some of the world’s brightest and most influential technology leaders along the way.

In the marketing division, HMG Strategy is seeking a Delegate Outreach Intern, who will open and maintain communication with top executive leaders to generate interest in our Executive Leadership Summit series. Also sought is a Partner/Vendor Outreach Intern to market sponsorships to large global corporations and communicate with high-level C-suite executives

The company’s premier executive recognition program, the HMG Strategy Global Technology Executives to Watch Awards, is seeking a Recognition Intern to inject innovation into expanding the industry’s leading awards program for high-achieving CIOs, CISOs and technology executives.

Candidates who are interested in learning more about the internship program, or any of the full-time, executive-level positions can contact Peggy Pedwano, Executive Director of Operations, at