AdobeStock_288445225Hunter Muller Predicts: Reduced Trade Tensions Will Lead to Robust Investments in New Technology

The stock market reacted strongly to news that trade tensions between the U.S. and China were easing, rising sharply on Friday.

“Big tech shares such as Facebook, Amazon and Google-parent Alphabet all gained more than 1%. Bank stocks also gained steam as Bank of America and J.P. Morgan Chase rose more than 2% each. Apple jumped 2% and hit an all-time high,” wrote Fred Imbert of CNBC. “Chipmakers rose broadly. Micron Technology gained more than 3.5% while Xilinx jumped 2.9%.”

From a purely financial standpoint, rising markets are great for most investors. From my strategic perspective as a technology leader, however, rising markets also boost confidence and create a better environment for investing in new technologies.

Why is this important? As technology leaders, we always face an uphill battle for increased budgets. The battle becomes especially tough when the market is trending downward.

The reverse is also true: When boards and top management feel confident, they are much more willing to authorize larger budgets for technology spending.

Clearly, this represents a phenomenal opportunity to invest in new technologies that will drive faster growth and create sustainable competitive advantages. I urge you to act swiftly and strike while the iron is hot.

This is the right moment to leverage the combined power of your knowledge, skill, experience and professional relationships to make a leap forward and truly make a difference. As technology leaders, we have a responsibly to provide expert guidance and solid advice that will enable the enterprise to become more customer-centric and outward focused.

We are key strategists for the business, due primarily to our 360-degree view of the enterprise and our deep understanding of the modern digital economy. We need to make our voices heard, across the C-suite and in the boardroom. The speed of business requires our input and expertise.

Are you ready to step up and offer a winning strategy for continuous success and growth? I urge you to re-imagine and reinvent your role as a key enabler and prime facilitator of strategic digital transformation.

I predict that many organizations will increase their technology investments over the next 12 months. I urge you to become a proactive strategic leader with a clear vision of the future and a realistic plan for delivering on the organization’s long-term goals.

Now is indisputably the best time to be a technology executive. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to leave your mark.