20201As we prepare to close out the year and the decade, I want to reflect briefly on our past achievements and strike a positive note for the future.  As you know, I believe that technology leaders have special responsibilities. Technology has become an overwhelmingly powerful force in our modern culture. As leaders, we need to make absolutely certain that our technologies are creating a better world for future generations.

I am highly confident that we will develop and deploy fantastic technologies will increase wealth, help more people attain higher levels of prosperity and solve major challenges such as climate change and inequality.

Here’s an example: Elon Musk is revolutionizing and disrupting multiple industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy, manufacturing and construction. As a technology leader, Musk is driving innovation and invention that will deliver incredible benefits to humankind for decades, and perhaps even centuries, into the future.

Musk isn’t alone. All over the world, countless numbers of technology leaders create amazing value and brilliant innovation every day. Like all of us, they’re working long hours to bring their vision of a better future into reality. Unquestionably, many of them would love to make lots of money in the process, but that’s not what’s driving their efforts. They are driven by their dreams and by their ideals.

I am deeply grateful for having so many great friends in the tech community. I know for a fact that most of them share the dream of creating a wonderful future for people in every part of the world.

This isn’t just idle fantasy talk. The market responds directly to the passion, drive, energy and intelligence of 21st century technology leaders and innovators.

Take a look at any of the leading stock market indices and you’ll see hard evidence supporting the direct connections between technology innovation and financial success. I urge you to take a look at Jordan Novet’s detailed article in CNBC last week, in which he lists prime examples of tech-savvy firms (such as DropboxSlack, Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, ServiceNow, Amazon, TwilioZoomOkta) and shows clearly how their profound understanding of modern markets and newer technologies elevated them far beyond their competitors.

The modern successful enterprise is built on a rock-solid foundation of new technologies, continual innovation and extreme customer focus. From my perspective, companies that don’t understand the essential relationships between these critical key elements will rapidly lose market share and ultimately disappear.

Creating the foundation for continuing success requires discipline, knowledge, understanding and courageous leadership. Being a technology leader isn’t a job for the faint of heart. It takes strength, courage, empathy, endurance and strategic vision.

I’m optimistic about our shared future, and I hope that you are too. I look forward to another decade of exciting and energizing progress in our global industry. As I’ve said and written before, this is absolutely the best time to be a technology leader – and I predict that our success will continue.