Nearly 18 months ago, the world was forced into a new way of working. Virtually overnight, knowledge workers had to figure out the best ways to perform and produce in a work-from-anywhere model.  

The good news is that many knowledge workers redefined how they work, and they continued to be productive -- and even more productive in many cases.

Recently, thousands of businesses have reopened their doors and a variety of flexible working arrangements have been deployed. As a result of this this period of tumult and transformation, the expectations of our employees have changed. Perhaps not surprisingly, they are now seeking greater flexibility in how, where, and when they work.

Welcome to the dawn of the empowered employee. As technology leaders, we must grapple with a truly difficult question: How do we create an optimized environment that meets the needs of the business and the demands of the empowered hybrid workforce?

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Our featured speakers are:

  • ​​Steve Damadeo​, Tech A​​rea Lead, Director ​- Digital Collaboration and Risk Engineering​, Boston Consulting Group
  • Chris Gates​, Group CIO and SVP of Hosting Services​, Allstate
  • Kim Holder​, Senior Executive, Digital Technology​, Baker Hughes
  • Gary Sorrentino​, Global Deputy CIO, Zoom​

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