Global Leadership Lessons: Holistic, Multi-Dimensional Strategies Are Critical to Success in Rapidly Shifting Markets and Stormy Economic Conditions

In a turbulent world, leadership matters more than ever. At HMG Strategy, we focus on elevating leaders and celebrating their successes. We understand that great teams and organizations need great leaders.

My career as a leadership coach, guide, mentor and consultant began decades ago. Over those years, I’ve witnessed incredible transformations in how companies are formed, how they grow, how they devise successful go-to-market strategies and how they invest in innovation, invention and revolutionary new products and services.

In this column, I’ll be highlighting the many valuable global leadership lessons that I’ve learned over the course of my lengthy career and I’ll be sharing those lessons with you.

Leadership is truly the golden thread woven into the fabric of successful companies – superlative leadership is the element they all possess. I cannot think of a longstanding successful organization that does not have a world-class leadership team. It’s the single most important factor in determining success.

Time and time again, I see that world-class leaders share a willingness to see the world in its complexity. In other words, they aren’t afraid to tackle difficult or complicated problems. They see the big picture. They blend their hard skills with soft skills, creating strategies that are effective, engaging and inspiring. Their approach is multi-dimensional and inclusive.

I call this approach holistic, because it embraces all the key aspects of leadership: intelligence, confidence, business knowledge, empathy, vision, openness, courage and strength of character. Great leaders also take care of themselves and encourage their teammates to do the same, because they understand the importance of health and well-being.

The best leaders find ways to combine the essential elements of mind and body. They are complete human beings and role models. They understand the risks, and yet they are willing to confront the inherent difficulties and challenges of modern times.