I was thrilled and delighted by the energy and intensity of our most recent HMG Strategy Innovation Accelerator, which we held at The Harvard Club of New York City on November 30, the day before our highly successful all-star 2022 New York Global Innovation Summit.

This exclusive Innovation Accelerator session included investor Saqib Awan, Founder and Managing Director, GTM Capital and Former Partner at LightSpeed. Other executives from startup companies backed by GTM Capital included Tamar Bar-Ilan, Co-Founder and CTO of Cyera; Paul Valente, CEO and Co-Founder of VISO Trust; Roni Fuchs, Co-Founder and CEO of Legit Security; Peter J. Elias, Enterprise Account Executive at Dazz; and Matt Polak, CEO of Picnic Corporation.

 The executives delivered brilliant and compelling presentations, showcasing their innovative products and unique value propositions. I genuinely enjoyed the presentations and the follow-up conversations, which enable the presenters opportunities to sharpen their pitches in real-time and share their go-to-market strategies and unique value propositions with a knowledgeable audience of CIOs, CISOs and technology experts. As Saqib remarked, “You can fool investors all day long, but you can’t fool customers.”

 For me, these types of intimate, executive-level discussions clearly demonstrate the value of the HMG Strategy Innovation Accelerator sessions, which provide startups and early-stage companies access to the leading CIOs, CISOs and technology leaders across Fortune 2000 companies in North America.

 From my perspective, these sessions are golden opportunities for emerging companies to connect with a premier audience, spread their messages, share their thought leadership and talk about how their solutions are delivering innovation to customers while enabling them to tackle the most sophisticated and pressing cyber threats and business challenges facing their organizations.

The HMG Strategy Innovation Accelerator is an essential part of our larger HMG Strategy Ecosystem of services and products, which includes the  HMG Global Advisory Services, a world-class portfolio of research services that are designed to keep business technology executives up to speed on the latest leadership, business, technology and global macro-economic trends that are impacting businesses and industries. The HMG Global Advisory Services also includes our new HMG Leadership Development Academy, a five-month program offering practical advice and personal coaching on how to manage a P&L, sharpen boardroom communication skills, drive innovation across lines-of-business, effectively manage tech debt and other vital skills needed by tomorrow’s tech leaders.

Another recent addition to our unique set of exclusive advisory offerings is the HMG Strategy Genius Service, a unique peer-focused subscription service in which CIOs and other technology executives in the HMG community can submit inquiries regarding a particular challenge they may be facing (e.g.; negotiating a global ERP licensing agreement) and be matched with an expert in the HMG network who can offer qualified advice.

The HMG Global Actionable Insights Advisory Service brings top business technology executives together regularly through roundtable discussions where they can dive into specific topics of interest such as cutting-edge vendor negotiation techniques as well as effective approaches for fostering innovation in a difficult economic climate. Members of the service will also receive custom research reports developed on the topics explored while also receiving access to in-depth executive profiles curated and developed by the HMG Research team.

If you are a senior-level executive, please also consider joining our Global CIO & CISO Executive Leadership Alliance (CELA). I genuinely enjoy our CELA sessions, and I am certain that you will find them extremely valuable. They inspire us and really bring out some of our best ideas. Because the participants are all senior leaders and executives, there’s a true sense of comradeship and collaboration. And frankly, CELA is also a great opportunity for building your professional brand.

We’re especially proud of our 2023 Global Leadership Institute Awards, which honor truly exemplary technology executives for their performance as courageous leaders, powerful innovators, and superior contributors to their organizations​​. These prestigious awards recognize the top-performing Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, and other Senior Technology Leaders, Search Industry Executives, Venture Capitalists and Partner Executives who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in the following areas:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
Leading Into the C-Suite
Safeguarding the Enterprise
Building a Culture of Trust
Creating New Go-to-Market Business Models
Modernizing Enterprise Architecture

Recipients of these awards include executives who have also shared world-class thought leadership with the HMG Strategy CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Summit series audiences and/or on the HMG Strategy Digital Platform as part of their ability to lead, reimagine and reinvent their companies and their organization’s business models.

HMG Strategy’s Global Media Model generates more than one million impressions per week, providing vast opportunities for business technology leaders and sponsor partners to promote themselves, their thought leadership and their professional brands on a global scale. 

Please contact me to learn more about any of our Global Advisory Services or our Innovation Accelerator at hunterm@hmgstrategy.com or at info@hmgstrategy.com