• HMG Tech News Digest August 2

    Trending News on Apple Shares on the Rise, Capital One's Recent Data Breach, and the Fortnite World Cup Competition

  • Tough Love for Israeli Cyber Start-Ups

    There’s an awesome scene in an old Michael J. Fox movie where he’s asked if he’s ever been to Italy. His clever response is this: “Wear the shoes, eat the food, never been.” Such dialogue illustrates what can happen when a country like Italy becomes a stereotypical caricature of its better-known products. Just add olive oil to the shoes and pasta, and for many observers – this is the sum of the entire Italian economy.

  • How China Will Achieve Global Cyber Superiority by 2025

    Daran habe ich gar nicht gedacht. (I did not even think about that). This was Einstein’s reaction when Leó Szilárd explained that a chain reaction in uranium could be used to produce a bomb. A letter was quickly dashed to FDR – and just six years later, the United States would detonate two nuclear weapons over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Had the President been too busy to heed this warning, German physicists might have altered the course of history.

  • HMG Tech News Digest July 19

    Trending News on Netflix Rebound, New MIT Study on Revenue Growth and Tech Expertise, and Amazon's New Employee Training Program

  • Cracking Open Soft Cell

    For banks, it’s accounts. For factories, it’s assembly. For retail, it’s inventory. And for telecoms, it’s call detail. In each case, some critical asset must be protected from hackers at all costs. Banks cannot allow accounts to be deleted, retail firms cannot allow inventory to be corrupted, and telecom firms absolutely, positively cannot allow call detail records to be compromised. Period. This just cannot happen.

  • HMG Tech News Digest July 12

    Trending News on Amazon Launching 3,200 Satellites, Apple Dropping MacBook Air and MacBook and the Acquisition of Red Hat Being Finalized

  • Addressing Magecart

    The notorious hacking group Magecart surfaced back in 2018, terrorizing websites with an attack known as card skimming. Normally, hacking groups tend to come and go quickly, but Magecart hit a serious nerve with their targeted breaches of enterprise websites and web applications. Wide ranges of companies saw their sites formjacked, and solutions were not immediately evident to most victims. So, I’ve been intrigued by Magecart for some time.

  • The Practical Challenges for CIOs in Addressing Future Enterprise Goals

    For CIOs who are attempting to anticipate what lies ahead for their companies and their industries, these challenges extend well beyond trying to serve as a soothsayer. As Tim Crawford sees it, CIOs must first tackle the pragmatic challenges associated with helping the enterprise achieve its future state goals.